Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello! i have been posting the chapters, just posted Chapter 20 to find out 20 pages is the max one can have on it is therefore the perfect place to stop with this uncorrected proof of A Leg to Stand On. 

you may ask yourself how could the story of a broken leg be much longer than 20 chapters? because it is taken straight from my life, my poets life, my Bree one. so, clearly it is an absurd 60 more. 

i am busying myself right now with cleaning up the finished text and readying it for publication. if you like this story so far I NEED YOUR HELP! ten dollars gets you a copy of the perfect bound book shipped to your door, signed and inscribed as you wish, plus it pays for one additional copy i can give to someone for free or sell for very cheap. this is the first crack at an attempt to up my distribution. your support would mean the world.

--Bree 11/10/13   (send donations/orders to via paypal or to 3174 Berkshire Rd. Cleve. Hts., OH 44118).


welcome to A Leg to Stand On...further Panda adventures. on the right you will see a listing of chapters....i began this memoir last summer while i was repairing from an accident, and the ensuing months got so hairy i havnt managed to shave---or finish the book. to motivate me to wrap things up, and eventually print i will be placing the book here serial-style, with the hope (aye, the stalwart belief) that by the time my posting catches up with my writing the story will come to a fabulous conclusion, wait and see... subscribe to get vignettes in realtime.

---Bree 6.15.13

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