Chapter 13


when you have an intractable headache you need to get rid of it. the longer it takes to get rid of the headache is how much worse the symptoms will get, and the further you damage your nerves. unlike a car, you cannot repair a nerve. not nerves of the brain and spine. your nerves get more damaged, you become more susceptible to intractable headaches, and so forth.

you could retreat to a dark room and disappear from the world for five days, a week however long it takes. fluids, ice, magnesium and sleep will eventually settle the nerves. if you were rich or something.

if you have a job (you need to keep) you could just keep taking medicine.

if you are clocking in at 25-30 headaches a month, you are a daily migraineur. you already take muscle relaxers, antiinflammatories, antihistamines, beta-blockers, antinausea meds, tranquilizers, steroids and just plain pain-killers daily. you probably use at least one of many available nasal sprays for supposed reasons. you likely see a phsyical therapist, and are either geting botox injections or waiting for insurance to approve botox injections. you might see a chiropractor, get massages and/or accupuncture. but you definitely take triptans.

triptans range from 28-117 dollars per pill, after meeting your deductible for 80/20 drug coverage, with an efficacy rate of one pill working roughly 50% of the time, with a second pill---and you can only take two pills per three days---being much more effective---working approximately 75% of the time.

its up to you.

you could double up on your daily meds, you could say fuck meds, ill take a shower. you could say fuck my life, while you dry your hair. sing a song to your three cats. you could go to the ER. you could request chocolate vanilla swirl soy pudding from your already busy husband. but you have to get rid of that headache, because if pain persists, this can fuck with your pain sensors, hormones, moods and therefore job, marriage, life. so it is your job to stop the pain. any way you know how. transcendental meditation, ice packs and noise music.  

life goes on with or without you. one morning you wake up and the pain is just gone. it happens.

so for now i sleep.

or try to sleep, while my neighbor puts on his own new roof. how rather crafty. i have been sleeping through a nail gun, both literally and figurative, lately.


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